Saturday, June 11, 2016

It has been a long month and it is not over yet.  I wen tin for a routine cataract surgery on May 31.  Surgeon was unable to insert the lens stitching it to the where it was suppose to go, so he decided he needed to consult with an other surgeon as to how he would proceed.  I went a week without a lens in my right eye.  Went back in for the next procedure, to put the lens in by stitching on to the top of the eye.  Went in yesterday for my week check up------the lens did not stay in place and shifted as is touching the iris, not acceptable so now I have to go back in on the 20th of May to have a replacement lens put in and hopefully I will be able to see out of my right eye.  I will need to have the left eye done in the near weeks to come.  Maybe 3 is a charm.  In the meantime I am not able to sew or do much of anything.  LAZY days of summer. 
Eating fresh strawberries from the farmers market.  YUM.

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